Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silly ME...!

As i said before, i try to improved my English.. so i have to write in English.. anybody can help me..? ah..i hve to help myself.. my very own self.. let's try the simplest word.. the words from my heart..truly... without any Google,without any correction... before this,i tried to speak in English.. some people said i'm bongkak (See..i already mix the word.) they don't like to hear my language... they tell other people that i kind of person that 'show off' ... why they don't want to help me,speak with me.. what they know is make other people felt stupid.. but do they ever realized that this is the way to learn..? i not shame to make a mistake.. i not shame if i pronounce wrong, I'm not shame if i spell wrong.. coz i know,if i make a mistake, people that loved me will help me to correct my mistake.. (do forgive me if this post make my self silly) so i can learn form my mistake.. but i have to start from now.write what ever come from my mind...before this,i once promise myself to do post in english.. but the laziness in myself that makes the things even harder.. i not been able to also been worse.. honestly,now i felt stupid..dreaming bout studying in UK... study bout satellite la konon.. ah..!silly nuruljannah..!
but, how i gonna study bout satellite if my English was stupid...what kind of person am I...??? dreaming...and dreaming... i don't have the determination... i felt so down today... i felt kind a depress coz i want to succeed my dream but i don't know where to start.. i don't know what to do... ya allah... what should i do..? lot of 'i have to..' 'i must do...' 'I'll tried..' but I'm afraid of 'i failed to..' 'i can't get accepted..'.....owh...what to do..????


  1. Sayer Best said...
    Try Your best my beloved friend.Stop THinking others but yourself....I'm always on your side

    Yeah!!Jannah boleh!!!
    dari~ummie said...
    eee...siapa kata mu show off tu? meh aku cilikan dia sikit...huh..
    jai..i just love the person who loves to learn free-ly, by getting into their environment and never ever has a doubt to make a, congrates!u are the one ;)
    english kak ngah pun dalam improvement lagi,tapi tips yg kak ngah boleh share, beli je buku latihan english budak2 darjah 4-6,start on by the simple english..dari situ kita boleh belajar basic grammar..maklumla, dulu kecik2 kita tak perasan lagi kegunaan grammar..contohnya, kalau verb lepas letak "to", kena letak rood words(ayat akar) to listen, to do, to buy..kalau for, letak ...+ing.(e.g for listening, for doing nothing,)macam tu la sifirnya..

    apa pun, kak ngah doakan yg terbaik! bak kata lecturer kak ngah english now is a business..tak salah kita nak belajar improve our selves ..barulah kita ada added value..chaiyok jai!! ;)
    Shana Shafiza said...
    "As I've said before, I'll try to improve my English." ; "They don't like to hear me speak in English. They tell other people that I'm the kind of person that shows-off." ; "What they know is how to make other people feel stupid. But, do they even realize this is the way to learn? I'm not ashamed to make a mistake, pronounce wrongly or spell wrongly." ; ".. the people who loves me will help me in correcting my mistake." ; "Write whatever comes on my mind. Before this, I once promised myself to do a post in English. But my lazy self makes it harder to do so. I'm not improving. It's also getting worse. Honestly, now I feel stupid." ; "But, how am I to study about satellites if my English is bad?" ; "I feel so down today. I feel kind of depressed.."

    If you don't mind, Kak Nurul, I just corrected your spellings & whatnot :)
    Nuruljannah BadrulHisham said...
    tq la akak suke...sayang time feel free to drop by blog akak ye..leh akak belajar dgn shana...akak suke bace blog shana coz ur english very fluent sayang...u r my idol tau...doa2kan akak ye..nak sangat capai cita2 itu..tapi diri ini tak la sebagus mane..
    Shana Shafiza said...
    Sama-sama ^^ Sayang, Kak Nurul~ Shana selalu drop by blog akak.. nk baca post bru Kak Nurul psl kat rumah sgt bosan. Haha. Shana dh biasa sgt ckp dlm bahasa English psl keluarga Shana pun fluent dlm bahasa tu. Okay, Kak Nurul.. Shana akn doakan :) Takde sape yg bagus sgt. Just don't bring yourself down, k?
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    I'm so impressed with u. English isnt that hard. Try from the simplest one 1st. Be confident. Dont care about others. Oh btw ur english isnt that bad. Really :)
    Che' Mat said...
    i r not alone~hahahahaha

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