Friday, March 5, 2010

Le Tour de Langkawi 2010

The Tour de Langkawi is an annual cycling race which is held in Malaysia since 1996. The name of the event comes from the starting point of the first few editions, in Langkawi, Kedah, although some later editions did not include Langkawi in the race at all. The race is part of the UCI Asia Tour. Four jerseys are contested during the race, although in history the jersey colours changed all the time to suit the sponsor, they are General Leader; Sprint Winner; King Of The Mountains and Best Asian Riders. In addition, there are two team titles to honour The Best Overall Teams and also The Best Asian Teams. The tour is the biggest cycling event in Asia, and it is the only one in Asia to have granted two hors-category

The raceTour de Langkawi participants passing through Kuala Selangor The race was formed based by the idea of former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, along with Wan Lokman Wan Ibrahim and also the First Cartel, the race was successfully held for the first time in 1996. For the first few years, the tour always started from Langkawi, however it is not lately. The tour also visited in Sabah and Sarawak in 1997, however poor cargo service, led to a long delays by several teams to getting the stuff and riders, force organisers to cancelled second stage of the tour. Since then, the race never visited there again. Several incidents spiced up the race in history, the race was cancelled twice due to heavy downpour in the final stage back in 2003 and 2006. During the first stage in 2004, police officials mistakenly opening the way for public vehicles onto the race track while the race was still ongoing to decide the winner of the first stage. After negotiations between the riders, they decided to neutralise the stage. Throughout the history, only Paolo Lanfranchi able to emerge twice as overall winner. That was two stages that never missing from the calendar since 1998. Genting Highlands is the toughest climb in the tour, except in 2008, it was replaced by Fraser's Hill due to security reasons and set to comeback again in 2009. The tour ended with twelve laps criterium race in Dataran Merdeka.**kredit to Wikipedia

above is the whole route of the race.. jauh wo...
for more info bout Le tour de Langkawi ni sila la ke website [click]

kami tersekat dlm kesesakan lalu lintas... sebenarnye nak g wat site survey ngan apek yang bawak skylift dia pelik.."Ah Kau"..... ehe...lucu..

tok toyol

raja petai 1st team yg kami nampak.. msia 2nd nampak nye.. tapi mereka berdua ni tolong menolong...

2nd team

3rd team

4th team

ha.. ni last... team ngan crew2 technical...

ade lagi pemenang saguhati... ayah dan anak nye..slumber je melintas.. jalan lengang kan...

sambil wat site survey,kami menyempat le.. ehe...
**kredit pic to tok toyol(dia tolong snap)


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