Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lipstick Jungle

at 4 am in the morning...and i still up late..
after watching the best drama i even watch.."lipstick jungle"
wondering if i can be as great as these 3 actor..
wondering can i handle all the test that Allah give to me..?
wondering if i could climb up higher than everyone else..
wondering if i could make it till the end..
wondering i i could get the scholarship to further my study...but how..?
wondering there is someone waiting for me when i got back for anywhere..?
wondering if i can get through all these complication of life..
wondering, when is the best time to make a good decisions..
wondering when is the time that i can afford to bring all my family up to a great vacation..?
wondering, will i have a good carrier then..?
wondering,how much do i got for my salary.. he love me for real..?would he be as great and understanding as kirby..?
would he be as romantic as shane..?would he be rich and ambitious as joe..?
wondering when is the time that i can be a fabulous bride, that makes other people cried...
wondering when i can cradle my own baby to bed..
whow..what an ambitious person right..??a lot of wondering..wonder in my mind...
i have a lot doubt in my it normal to have these kind of thought..?

**dah jauh sangat pengaruh lipstick jungle dalam otak saye ni..sanggup beli DVD full episode...GILE..!!wondering..why am i doing lot of crazy things i crazy for real..?

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  1. Uncle Farid said...
    Weh, don't worry about career, don't worry about salary. What's important is to take everything a step at a time. If you set too high or too many expectations, and you cannot meet them, you'll feel frustrated or unfulfilled.
    Live life and let live. Trust in Allah to provide for you, just as long as you trust in yourself.

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