Saturday, September 25, 2010


I feel like My FACEBOOK are getting crowded now**ceh prasan femes budak ni.. there are so many people want to add me as their friend, I don't recognize their face, they put a weird name, ade yg sedap lagi, they put a cartoon character as their profile picture [pasti cinta saya terasa baca ni, tp syg, u i kenal.. so SERIBU kali approved pon tak pe] its so SUSAH saya nak approved.. ape motip diorng add saye ye..? don't get me wrong.. i like to be friend to all but saya takut2 kalo ade stalker yg simply add me, I ter'approved' and they use something from my FACEBOOK, either what i said or ape2jela to humiliate me, or to buat menda tak elok toward me.. I usually check weather we got mutual friend together or not.. if ada, I check plak from where I get to know them..? yang takde mutual friend*which is stranger to me memang I ignore la at this mean time.. tp takot gak.. ntah2 reader saye kn.. **so pada sesiapa yang add saya, and sampai sekarang saya tak approve, sila la sent me some message, insyaallah saya approve kamu.. kesian mereka.. but I can't simply create another account one for 'just family and friend' and one for 'blogger, reader & stalker' right..? coz I can't been able to online both account at the certain SAME time.. nanti orang cakap " gilo ape online 2 facebook dalam satu mase..? betul2 fanatic ni..".. malu la saye kan.. so, I simply private my facebook account, not anyone can simply search me at FACEBOOK, unless u press the FACEBOOK BADGE at my sidebar tu kan.. or if u have a mutual friend with me, so u been able to search me la.. ha.. good idea kan..? I categorize all my friend into a certain list, so that i can 'tapis-tapis' ape yg patut mereka tengok, ape yang tak patut disiarkan, ape yg tak patut ditengok, ape yang hanya certain people je boleh tengok and etc.. sorry friend, I got my own reason and for my own sake, I do this.. so sorry if you can't view my status, u cant write on my wall, you have limited view on my profile, u can't see my picture with my CINTA... there is a reason for all of what I've done...

To all my readers:
I love that so many of you want to add me on FACEBOOK as one of your friends, but I can't simply approved anyone, unless you add a little note with your add request telling me that U are one of my reader. Please leave a note, let me know so I can approved u and put you into the VVIP READERS list.. or If U are interested to be my friend and u can't find me at FACEBOOK, leave a link at the comment box and I will be sure to add you quickly... Thanks!


  1. tiha said...
    ko private fb ko jannah...^^,
    =*NuRo0L* = said...
    ye la..sape yg dah add je blh view..hihi

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